Another navigation app you can use  on your phone or tablet is Avenza Maps. You can either download maps from the Avenza Online Store inside the app, or you can import your own maps that you downloaded elsewhere.

The free version of Avenza only allows 3 imported maps at a time, but you can store as many as you want on your device. Then you can just delete the imported ones from the app and import the ones you want to use that weekend to stay under the limit.

These maps are “georeferenced”, which means that when viewed in Avenza, the app will show you where you are on the map.  You can also create tracks and waypoints. Its features are limited, but it can do a few things.

The US Forest Service has many georeferenced maps available in the Avenza Map Store, and you can download some maps from the WA DNR website.

Also, there are some georeferenced maps available of the Cle Elum Ranger District and part of the Naches Ranger District. Here is the North map, and the South map. You’ll want the Map Key as well.