Honda Talon First Look

Today I went and checked out the Honda Talon at Lifestyles Honda in Mount Vernon, WA.

I was impressed by how easily accessible some engine components and filters were to reach. Starter motor replacement would probably take a half hour!

I had way more leg room than in my XP 1000, and had to reach a little for the dashboard controls with the seat all the way back.

I took both the X and the R out for a spin in their back yard. It’s a big grassy field with a big mound at one end and a huge deep drainage ditch in the middle.

The biggest thing I noticed was the direct instant power. Throttle control is going to take some getting used to. There’s no CVT lag. You get all the power right away.

I think there will need to be some work on the shocks for a plusher ride. In stock form, the suspension is a little rough. I set them both to the softest setting, and they weren’t that much different in a bumpy grassy field with some curbs to run over and some mounds of dirt to climb around on. The R was softer, but still not as plush as my XP1K with stock shocks on it.

The shifts felt a little hard to me, but I’m told that gets better with break-in. I guess that’s your trade-off for not having a CVT belt system. Maybe some 30″ 8-ply tires will tame that throttle and shifting some.

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