Moses Lake Sand Dunes is not a particularly large sand dune area, nor does it have particularly tall dunes. The largest dunes are about 40 feet high, maybe, and there are only a few of these. The area is mainly a handful of open dune areas sprinkled over an area that is covered with crisscrossing sand trails and small hills.

The dunes here are larger than Beverly, and the area is also larger. The area is smaller than Juniper Dunes, and easier to find your way around, with more open sand areas than Juniper, even if the big dunes are not as tall as Juniper. Moses Lake Dunes also has an open sandy beach area so you can go play in the water as well.

In the summer, the Mud Flats opens up, for some variety. That stuff is stickier than it looks, and doesn’t smell great. You have been warned.

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