This area provides a mountain forest landscape, with tall windy ridge lines, and twisty canyons full of trees. You can ride all day here in a large loop with a little bit of backtracking and see canyons, rock formations, and rolling hills. But by the time you’re done, you’ll be pretty tired because some of this ground can be pretty rocky, and it can get pretty chilly up on the ridge line in spring/fall.

You can ride on any road that has a white marker with a green dot on it. The roads on the West side meet up with Okanogan-Wenatchee NF roads, which are currently not legal for WATVs, so be aware of the boundaries. This area is open from May 1 through Mid-December (check with DNR for dates).

Breathtaking views for many miles. Fresh forest smells. Pretty flowers if they are in bloom. High likelihood of seeing wildlife. High speed riding on open roads in the mountains.

Get details including directions, staging areas, maps, and difficulty levels in the UTV Guide to WA State.

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