The Rimrock area is absolutely stunning. There are vistas of exceptional beauty and majesty. And as with most things of great beauty, it is also potentially deadly.

I’m not kidding here. Some of Rimrock is fairly tame and fun to run around on, but a lot of it is crazy steep. I’ve been on trails all over the state and it takes a lot to frighten me, but I still get scared at Rimrock. The side hills are pucker-inducing even when dry. Some of the trails are so steep they are designated one-way only. You’ll slide down them, barely in control. Going up them is asking for trouble. People have died. If you have not grown up off-roading in stuff like this, Rimrock is dangerous.

I’ll rate a couple of the trails as easy, and a few as moderate, but most are double-diamond. Some people will scoff at this, but I can’t emphasize enough, take Rimrock seriously.

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