22,000 acres of dry sage steppes, cut by a lush riparian oasis along Douglas Creek. Songbirds and raptors abound in the cottonwoods and cliffs of this protected canyon, while beaver and trout thrive in the pools and cascades of the stream. 4 miles of access roads & trails open to OHVs. Hunting, dispersed camping, hiking, wildlife watching, fishing and swimming are also permitted in this area.

The waterfall and swimming hole is a good place to hang out on a hot summer day. Also get up on the hilltop for a great view of the surrounding area.

You can ride the whole area in a couple hours if you stay on the gas pedal, but that’s not really what this area is about. Take it easy, stop and smell the flowers and the wildlife poop, crack open a cool one, chill in the creek, or just sit and listen for a while. You’re miles from anything.

Get details including directions, staging areas, maps, and difficulty levels in the UTV Guide to WA State.

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