What you will find at Umatilla is a fairly sparse forest on a desert landscape with ridges to ride on and valleys to look out over. This book covers most of the portion of the Umatilla Forest that is in Washington State. Great scenery. High speed runs on very long roads.

Umatilla National Forest allows “All Vehicles” access to SOME of its roads. The Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) lists these roads. Please obtain the MVUMs in addition to this book (they are free) and bring them with you for reference. Not all of these roads connect to each other so it can be difficult to make a loop or chain the roads together without driving on the main FS roads in places you are not allowed to be. But there are some dense areas in the center, and that is what I have mapped in this book. Feel free to find the others as well, using the MVUM.

Get details including directions, staging areas, maps, and difficulty levels in the UTV Guide to WA State.

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