Located 8 miles west of Joyce, this 4×4 trail is separated by Hwy 112 from the ATV-ONLY Sadie Creek trail system. It is designed for short wheel base (103” or less) off-road vehicles. After passing through a “qualifier gate”, there is a short section of service road, and then the 4×4 trail begins. It is quite a rugged trail, steep and off-camber in places, with deep ruts, and lots of mud.

On a clear day, trail users can see the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands, and Mount Baker.
Highlights: Thick forest, short, steep climbs, muddy ruts. Beautiful views on the highway driving to and from the staging area.

Get details including directions, staging areas, maps, and difficulty levels in the UTV Guide to WA State.

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